Florida Herbal Conference | February 25-27, 2021
Florida Herbal Conference


Adaptogenic Herbal Medicines (Part 1)Michel Francois Garay
Adaptogenic Herbal Medicines (Part 2)Michel Francois Garay
Basic Spanish for HerbalistsJohana Castillo
Bridging the Gap between Aromatherapy and HerbalismNyssa Hanger
Conducting a client intakeNatalie Vickery
Creating Balance with Traditional Food, Fibers, and MedicineSusan Anderson
Embodiment, Relationship, and BelongingCaitlin McMullen
Emotional Healing and AromatherapyNyssa Hanger
Functional Medicine for the Modern HealerCheng Liu
Hearth and Home Medicine (Part 1)Angel Putney Noe
Hearth and Home Medicine (Part 2)Angel Putney Noe
Herb and Drug InteractionsBob Linde
Herbal First Aid and Home CareNatalie Vickery
Herbs and Neurodiversity in ChildrenMaggie O’Halloran
Longevity Herbals and EnergeticsLinda Nash Stevenson
Medicinal Plants: The Human ConnectionDoug Elliott
Pungent!Willow LaMonte
Southeastern Mushrooms (Part 1)Susan Anderson
Southeastern Mushrooms (Part 2)Susan Anderson
Topical Energetics, Acupressure and Herbal ApplicationsLinda Nash Stevenson
Vitamin D: Hormone, Vitamin and SunlightMichel Francois Garay
Woodslore, Weeds and Wild Woods Wisdom (Keynote Part 1)Doug Elliott
Woodslore, Weeds and Wild Woods Wisdom (Keynote Part 2)Doug Elliott


Aromatherapy for Emotional HealthSylla and Nyssa Hanger
Bidens: FL’s Native Edible and Medicinal PowerhouseSusan Marynowski
Botanical Therapies for Skin DisordersJoanne Helms
CBD: What Is It?Jody Noe
Clinical Applications for Medical Marijuana (Part 1 – Intensive)Jody Noe
Clinical Applications for Medical Marijuana (Part 2 – Intensive)Jody Noe
Clinical Use of Local PlantsBob Linde
Eat the Weeds WalkGreen Deane
Essential Oils in Skin and Body CareSylla and Nyssa Hanger
Fatigue (Part 1 – Intensive)Thomas Easley
Fatigue (Part 2 – Intensive)
Fortifying Digestive VitalityThomas Easley
Gooey Gums: Healing Resins of Florida’s PinesSusan Marynowski
Growing Food & Medicine to Harmonize Climate ChangesWillow LeMonte
Healing GardensMonique Moyer
Kids by NatureMonique Moyer
Leaky Gut Syndrome: Microbiome, & Natural RemediesEllen Kamhi
Navigating Depression as a Tool of Transformation (Part 1 – Intensive)Kat Maier
Navigating Depression as a Tool of Transformation (Part 2 – Intensive)Kat Maier
Sacred Passage: Compassionate Care at the End of LifeEmily Ruff
Snot Just Another Allergy ClassThomas Easley
The Endocrine Response to an Impending Nuclear WarJody Noe
Vitalism & AtomismJoanna Helms
Whole Plant MedicinePhoenix Fermin


A Healer’s Dozen: Florida Medicinal WeedsSusan Marynowski
Ancestral Herbalism: A Reclaiming CircleJulia Onnie-Hay
Aromatic Medicines, The Art of DistillationThomas Easley
Asian Plants Grown in FloridaAndy Firk
Botanical Remedies for Pain and InflammationEllen Kamhi
Ecological HerbalismSusan Marynowski
Fermented Foods & DigestionMichel Francois Garay
Florida Garden MedicineCristina Babiak
Flower Essence Discovery for Optimal UseLinda Nash Stevenson
Grandmother Herbal Wisdom for Pregnancy, Babies, ChildrenLinda Nash Stevenson
Growing Alliums in FloridaWillow LaMonte
Growing Herbs in Florida – Part 1: Wildcrafting/CultivationJason Long
Growing Herbs in Florida – Part 2: Cultivating in Urban SpacesSantiago Arroyo
Herbs, Dowsing, and Radionics: Self-Care TechniquesEllen Kamhi
Natural Cancer CuresMichel Francois Garay
Percolations, Evaporative Concentrations, and Soxhlet ExtractionsThomas Easley
Prevention and Food-Based Treatment of DementiaCristina Babiak
Stress, Insomnia, and Anxiety – An IntensiveThomas Easley
Wild Edible and Medicinal Native Plants of Florida’s ShorelineAndy Firk


20 Essential Chinese Herbs for Every HerbalistLinda Nash Stevenson
28 Medicinal Curcuma Species – A SlideshowAndy Firk
Aromatic Mind: Using Essential Oils for Mental HealthSylla Hanger
Awakening our Hearts, Hands and Minds with Herbs, Meditation and Love (Keynote)Deb Soule
Back to Basics: Health Fundamentals from an Earth…Susan Anderson
Ceremony of Life: Keeping it Sacred Every DayPaula Diaz
Cholesterol: Getting to the Heart of the Matter (Intensive)Kathleen Maier
Compassion and Community: Herbalism in ActionEmily Ruff
Cross Cultural Comparison: Exploring the Traditions of EcuadorBob Linde
Decolonizing Herbalism: A Word Circle for Sacred SolidarityPaula Diaz
Dieta: A South American Approach to Herbal StudyJulia Onnie-Hay
FDA Compliance for Small Scale Manufacturers IntensiveGuido Masé
Herb Support for Pregnancy, Birth, and PostpartumKelli Johnson
Herbal Remedies to Ease Suffering in Illness & InjuryLinda Nash Stevenson
Herbalists as Cultural Stewards (Keynote)Guido Masé
Herbs for MosquitosWillow LaMonte
Herbs for Spiritual House CleansingChonteau McElvin
Kids & HerbsChonteau McElvin
Living in Harmony with Nature’s Rhythms IntensiveDeb Soule
Naming All the ThingsSusan Marynowski
Planetary Herbology: An IntroductionLaurence Layne
Positive Herb & Drug InteractionsBob Linde
Rare Medicinal Plants of Florida and their ConservationAndy Firk
Tending to the Soul: Herbalism and Plant Allies for GriefEmily Ruff
The Backyard Medicine CabinetSusan Anderson
The Healing Power of Nature (Vis Mediatrix Naturae)Natalie Vickery
The Herbal Detective: Getting to the Root of the ProblemNatalie Vickery
The Legal Practice of HerbalismLaurence Layne
Thyroid + Adrenal + Pituitary – The Sacred TriuneEllen Kamhi
Undercover Herbalist: Integrating Herbalism into SchoolsJulia Onnie-Hay
Walking Over Florida: A Dozen Medicinal WeedsSusan Marynowski


TitleTeacher Name
75 Edible, Medicinal and Useful BamboosAndy Firk
A Systematic Model of Western HerbalismThomas Easley
All Natural Soap MakingDawn Gates
Assessing the Risk – Herb and Drug InteractionsBob Linde
Basic AromatherapySylla Hanger
Ceremony of Life, Keeping it Sacred Every DayPaula Diaz
Creating a Community Garden OrganicallyJay Hardman
Dancing Winds of the Ancient IslandsAndy Firk
Deep Ecology and Intro to Energy MedicineMD Fairchild
Headaches and Traditional Herbal MethodsJoanna Helms
Herbs for Bone Health Through the YearsDawn Gates
Herbs, Dowsing, and Radionics – Self Care TechniquesEllen Kamhi
HPA Axis, Endocrine System and Our ChakrasKathleen Maier
Looking After Your Digestive HealthJoanna Helms
Making Hydrosols, A Practical WorkshopChris Gambatese
Mushrooms for People and Planet: Ancient Allies for Modern Maladies (Keynote)Paul Stamets
Myth Busting and Safe Use of Essential OilsSylla Hanger
Prevent Breast Cancer with BotanicalsCristina Babiak
Thai Herbal Bundles from Florida WoodsKate Taluga
The Art of Limpia: Ancestral Tools for Healing the SpiritPaula Diaz
The Heart as an Organ of Perception (Intensive)Kathleen Maier
The Medicine of Ceremony (Keynote)Kathleen Maier
The Mother of the Dragon: Inflammation (Intensive)Thomas Easley
Unburning the Witches: Societal salvation through re-empowerment of the sacred feminineJay Hardman
Well Fed MindCristina Babiak
Wildcrafting Southeastern Plants and their Native UsesKate Taluga
Working with Invasive Species – Potentials for UseMD Fairchild


Breaking Addictions: Herbal supportLeslie Williams
Clinical Practice Native Herb WalkBob Linde
Eat the Weeds WalkGreen Deane
From Stem to Stern: Healing the GutSusan Marynowski
Gardening by the MoonEmily Ruff
Gardens grow more than Herbs, they grow Herbalists (Keynote)Juliet Blankespoor
Growing Medicinal Herbs in the SoutheastJuliet Blankespoor
Herbal First AidBob Linde
Herbal FormulatingLeslie Williams
Herbal Wine MakingGail Conroy
HPV: Preventative Strategies and Clinical ApproachEmily Ruff
Inter-species Telepathic CommunicationEllen Kamhi
Iris Evaluation, A Constitutional ApproachJoanna Helms
Medicinal and Edible Plant WalkJuliet Blankespoor
Natural Body CareRebecca Conroy
Our Path is History: Balancing Tradition and Embracing Diverse Knowledge to Awaken the Present (Keynote)Steven Foster
Pain Relief with HerbsThomas Easley
Sacred Plant Traditions & U.S. Drug PolicyJulia Onnie-Hay
Scents and Sensations: An Exploration of Aromatic HerbsNatalie Vickery
Scientific Validation of Botanical MedicineEllen Kamhi
The Herbalist and Dental TherapiesKate Taluga
The Magic of Honey BeesRebecca Conroy
Understanding the Therapeutic Actions of Herbal MedicineJoanna Helms
Your Herbal Path: Becoming a “Practicing Herbalist”Natalie Vickery


A Green End to a Green Life: Herbs in DyingSusan Marynowski
A Magical Herb CabinetDawn Gates
Body DialogueJanice Rous
Bone Health and the Prevention of OsteoporosisJoanna Helms
Burning Mugwort – Using Moxibustion for DiseaseBob Linde
Depression – the Old Words and HerbsLeslie Williams
Eat the WeedsGreen Deane
Fifty Wild Culinary HerbsAndy Firk
Florida’s Edible Wild PlantsPeggy Lantz
Growing Herbs in Florida’s Unique ClimateJames Steele
Herbal FormulatingDeserie Valloreo
Herbal Medicine is the People’s Medicine (Keynote)Susun Weed
Herbal Medicine, Past, Present & Future (Keynote)David Winston
Herbal Treatments for Mosquito Borne DiseasesBob Linde
Herbs for Heart HealthDawn Gates
Kitchen Medicine: Set Your Table to Prevent and Control CancerDr. Cristina Babiak
Medicinal Plants of FloridaAndy Firk
Sleep – It’s Not That SimpleLeslie Williams
Stand Tall and ConfidentEmily Wenzel
Tea CeremoniesDeserie Valloreo
The Energetics & Herbals of FertilityLinda Nash Stevenson
The Great Remedies (Intensive)Susun Weed
The Kitchen HerbalistChonteau McElvin
The Ten Tastes: The Energetics of Herbs (Intensive)David Winston


Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Stress & Shingles Support w/ 7 HerbsJoanna Helms
Being in RelationshipErica Boucher
Children & Herbal Remedies – Passing Along Tradition Thru HealingChonteau McElvin
Chinese Medicine Food EnergeticsBob Linde
Deepen your ConnectionEmily Wenzel
Emotional EmpowermentErica Boucher
Everything Liquid with Herbs and SpicesEmily Wenzel
Facial DiagnosisDawn Gates
Forgotten Energetics of Traditional Western Herbalism (Intensive)Matthew Wood
Growing Herbs in Florida’s ClimateJim Steele
Herbal RitualsChonteau McElvin
Introduction to AyurvedaKatie Haley
Introduction to BotanyMycol Stevens
Introduction to MycologyMycol Stevens
Kitchen Medicine: Spice for LifeDr. Cristina Babiak
Making & Using Florida Flower EssencesLinda Nash Stevenson
Moon MedicineEmily Ruff
Old-time Medicinal Plants of FloridaSusan Marynowski
Relieving Pain & Inflammation with HerbsDeserie Valloreo
Southern Folk Medicine (Intensive)Phyllis Light
Spiritual Properties of HerbsDeserie Valloreo
Ten Florida Native Herbs & How To Use Them ClinicallyBob Linde
The Enduring Value of Traditional Herbal Medicine (Keynote)Matthew Wood
Walk on the Wild Side: Winter Medicinal PlantsSusan Marynowski
Where Tradition and Science Meet (Keynote)Phyllis Light


Rosemary Gladstar’s Keynote and Intensive on Adaptogenic Herbs