Florida Herbal Conference | February 25-27, 2021
Florida Herbal Conference

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Bob Linde Herbal Support for Addictions
Bob Linde Clinical Use of Local Plants
Ellen Kamhi Leaky Gut Syndrome: Microbiome, & Natural Remedies
Emily Ruff Sacred Passage: Compassionate Care at the End of Life
Green Deane Eat the Weeds Walk
Joanna Helms Vitalism & Atomism
Joanne Helms Botanical Therapies for Skin Disorders
Jody Noe CBD: What Is It?
Jody Noe The Encrocrine Response to an Impending Nuclear War
Monique Moyer Kids by Nature
Monique Moyer Healing Gardens
Phoenix Fermin Whole Plant Medicine
Susan Marynowski Bidens: FL’s Native Edible and Medicinal Powerhouse
Susan Marynowski Gooey Gums: Healing Resins of Florida’s Pines
Sylla and Nyssa Hanger Aromatherapy for Emotional Health
Sylla and Nyssa Hanger Essential Oils in Skin and Body Care
Thomas Easley Snot Just Another Allergy Class
Thomas Easley Fortifying Digestive Vitality
Willow LeMonte Growing Food & Med. to Harmonize Climate Changes
Jody Noe Clinical Applications for Medical Marijuana
Kat Maier Depression
Thomas Easley Fatigue
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