Florida Herbal Conference | February 25-27, 2021
Florida Herbal Conference

Høly River

Høly River (formerly Lobo Marino) shares a brand of experimental folk that draws from a rich palette of international and folk influences.

Built primarily on harmonium, bass drum, banjo and various unique instruments and voices, Høly River continues to evolve as the musical response to the continuous travels and ongoing spiritual journey of its members, Laney Sullivan and Jameson Price.

They are also the founders of Earth Folk Collective and Fonticello Food Forest in Richmond,VA. Deeply dedicated to environmental and social causes, when traveling they carry in their music a message of humanity’s need for reconnection with the earth. While at home, they spend time community organizing and running their donation based educational homestead Earth Folk Collective.  Learn more at www.holyrivermusic.com

Please join us for Høly River in Concert at the 2021 Florida Herbal Conference keynote on Friday February 26 at 7 pm, following keynote address by Marc Williams.