Florida Herbal Conference | February 28-March 1, 2020
Florida Herbal Conference

Workshop Slot

Sacred Plant Medicine

Cvyayvketv- To Hold Quiet


Kate Taluga

Friday 3 pm

Kate Taluga has been working with Native American healers from the Mvskoke (Creek) community for several years. In this workshop she will explore aspects of the Mvskoke approach to Florida’s native plants, healing and the role of the Mvskoke language in understanding the nature of these plants. This workshop will not be recorded in order to be sensitive to the manner in which these teachings are traditionally taught.

Saw Palmetto

Plant Spirit Medicine Yoga


Julia Onnie-Hay

Friday 5 pm

A gentle, slow vinyasa-based yoga class including herbal smudges, flower essences, hydrosol mists and herbal oil foot rubs under the trees

Meet at Flagpole

Sacred Plant Traditions & U.S. Drug Policy


Julia Onnie-Hay

Saturday 9 am

Herbalists, herbalism and herbs themselves have faced suppression and prosecution in the United States dating all the way back to pre-revolution times. While many of the medicinal herbs we as herbalists work with are “free” to be regulated as foods and supplements in the United States, there are powerful, sacred plants used for spiritual healing, divinatory and rites of passages purposes that are illegal in this country. In this class, Julia will focus on the traditional and contemporary uses as well as the legal status of some of the most revered entheogenic plants in the United States that we don’t usually talk about at herbal conferences: ayahuasca, peyote, mushrooms…and yes, we’ll cover the ever-changing legal status of the most controversial “weed” or “herb” (cannabis) in mainstream America politics. The objective of the conversation will be to share current, accurate information about traditions around these sacred plants and the legal status of the plants in the United States, with a focus on safety and stewardship.


Inter-species Telepathic Communication


Ellen Kamhi

Saturday 11 am

We will be in the field, surrounded by the pulsating life force and being-ness of those around us- including animals, plants, stones, earth, sky, water and more. Whether you connect through spirit or through science, the result is the same- you and all are part of a whole. Lets experiment with ancient experiential communication techniques, used by the ancestors and modern sensitivities alike so we can hear, smell, feel and communicate with our brother, sister and androgynous selves and mirror image beings. If you would like to bring an instrument (drum, shaker) and a dowsing tool such as a pendulum to assist in enhancing your sensitivity to the outcry of energetic voices seeking to communicate with you in a mutually beneficial reciprocal exchange.


Planting Sacred Relationships


Willow La Monte

Sunday 9 am

Living herbs and sacred plants have long expressed our link to the divine and the natural world. From prayers on the smoke of tobacco to burning resins in churches and temples, to sacred trees-devas-bitters-cacti, we have gathered wisdom and guidance from our green/brown teachers. In circle, we’ll share our connections to Mother Earth, and through guided meditation open to our innate intuitive communication with plants and the soil, and learn to hear their language.

Live Oak

Herbal Ritual


Chonteau McElvin

Sunday 11 am

In this workshop you will explore the age old traditions of using herbs for supporting personal transformation and healing in our lives. Reawaken your connection to the plant spirit world.

Fire Circle