Florida Herbal Conference | February 28-March 1, 2020
Florida Herbal Conference


Workshop Slot

Meet the Plants

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk


Andy Firk

Friday 3 pm

Enjoy a walk of the grounds with a strong emphasis on the uses of plants by the native Florida tribes.

Meet at Flagpole

Naming and Knowing the Medicinal Weeds of Florida


Susan Marynowski

Friday 5 pm

Susan would like to share with you her special passion for Florida’s medicinal weeds! This will be a big-picture overview of Florida medicinal plants. We will look at a whole bucketload of weeds and learn some of the important physical and medicinal characteristics of the plants and the plant families. These common plants — both native and non-native — are under our feet, over our heads, and by our sides. Be ready to take notes and pictures in this fast-paced class!

Live Oak

Medicinal and Edible Plant Walk


Juliet Blankespoor

Saturday 9 am

We will explore the botanical bounty of the southeast, discussing some of the common medicinal herbs and trees found in the forest and field. Identifying characteristics, medicinal uses, and sustainable harvesting techniques will be covered for each species we meet.

Meet at Flagpole

Clinical Practice Native Herb Walk


Bob Linde

Saturday 11 am

This herb walk will focus on less plants and more specific clinical application of local medicinal plants. The talk will talk about specific symptom patterns, dosage and preparation of each plant.

Meet at Flagpole

Eat the Weeds Walk


“Green Deane” Jordan

Sunday 9 am

Join us for an edible plant walk through the grounds, learning about history and foraging of Florida plants

Meet at Flagpole

Florida’s Incredible Wild Edibles


Peggy Sias Lantz

Sunday 11 am

A show and tell display of edible plants and discussion of “how ­to”, along with samples to identify edibles.

Saw Palmetto