Florida Herbal Conference | February 28-March 1, 2020
Florida Herbal Conference

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Kitchen & Garden

Probiotics with Fermented Foods


Rose Kalajian

Friday 3 pm

Fermented foods provide your body with the proper balance of gut-friendly bacteria and help boost immunity and address a number of common health problems. Rose will discuss and show you how to use pre-biotic herbs and Pro-biotic/Fermented Foods. This combination has the ability to restore poor Digestive Health and much more. Good health starts in the gut, where the majority of the immune system resides. It’s possible to improve your health and have increased energy when you eat– live, enzyme-rich, nutrient-dense and fermented foods, combined with clean water and a healthy lifestyle. This is a great opportunity to learn from an experienced, passionate fer-mentor. This class will give you a real understanding of why we should be fermenting and give you the confidence to go home and adopt this practice as one of your own. A demonstration showing how to create Kim-chi plus a tasting will be presented!


The Magic of Honey Bees


Rebecca Conroy

Friday 5 pm

Learn the importance of honey bees in our lives and local environment. Even in our largely urban world honey bees connect us with the flowers and life around us. Bees can fly five miles from the hive, collecting nectar, pollen, and propolis from the floral environment we live in, caring for the environment and themselves and providing extra gifts to us. I will talk about how you can take a direct role in connecting with the world through honey bees. Since humans and honey bees have a long and intertwined history I believe that having them around you is intrinsically beneficial.


Scents and Sensations: An Exploration of Aromatic Herbs


Natalie Vickery

Saturday 9 am

By using our senses we can gain a great deal of understanding about the “actions” of herbs and how to best apply them for various imbalances within the body. This class will explore the realm of Aromatic herbs, their uses, their benefits and the many ways they can be employed.


Growing Mediterranean Herbs in Florida


Willow La Monte

Saturday 11 am

Our potent green healers native to the Mediterranean region struggle with Florida’s high humidity. Learn to listen to the songs of hot, dry, aromatics like oregano, lavender, rue, southernwood, or thyme as well as moist self-seeding annuals like cooling borage or arugula. Give them their desired conditions and they’ll thrive, singing in our gardens for years to come.

Live Oak

75 Culinary Gingers for Florida Gardens

Saturday Free Thyme

Andy Firk

Times will be posted onsite

Andy will cover growing and harvest tips, country of origin cooking tips, and plant sources, for species of the Ginger Family (Zingiberaceae} including galangal, manjal, turmeric, cardamoms, mango ginger, krachai, zedoary, and many more~ many of which are quite easy to grow across Florida.


Growing Medicinal Herbs in the Southeast


Juliet Blankespoor

Sunday 9 am

Learn how to cultivate a deeper relationship with garden medicinals. We will cover 10 easy-to-grow herbs that thrive in heat and humidity. Details on propagation, planting, harvesting and medicinal use will be shared. Even if your space is limited, you can still grow an herb garden!

Saw Palmetto

Gardening by the Moon


Emily Ruff & Kate Taluga

Sunday 11 am

Our ancestors relied on influences of nature to maximize their relationship with the land around them. In this workshop, we will call upon ancient traditions of utilizing the moon’s ebb and flow to optimize our cultivation and harvest. We will learn how integrating lunar rhythms into your garden, and discover how this practice can enhance your health and wellbeing of your herbs, helping you develop a deeper relationship with the plants, the planet, and your spirit. We’ll cover lunar phases and signs and their influence in planting, harvesting, and daily garden practices.

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