Florida Herbal Conference | February 28-March 1, 2020
Florida Herbal Conference

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Herbal How-To

Naked Herbs — Learning About Plants Through Photography INTENSIVE


Steven Foster

Friday 3 pm

We admire them, we love them, we use them. Do we know them? A great way to consciously be with plants is to photograph them. With photography, what you see is not necessarily what you get. There’s a few things to know about a good photograph, and how it looks. It doesn’t matter if you are using an iPhone (the world’s most popular camera) or hauling around 20 pounds of camera equipment. Please remember one important piece of equipment—your instruction manual!. Whatever camera you use, know how to use it, and you will get endless pleasure from the process of taking photographs, rather than fumbling with your equipment. How do we see plants in a way that helps us to better understand them? There’s plenty of information to learn from books. Being with plants is a great way to gain more knowledge and understanding of us and them. Photography is a tool that allows us to slow down to be with plants. You photograph what you feel, not just what you see. We will begin with a brief introductory presentation on plant photography spend a little time reviewing what we have with us for equipment, then go to the field and see what we see (rain or shine)!

Elder – 3-6:30 pm – Additional $35 Fee

Introduction to Herbalism


Kelli Johnson

Friday 5 pm

New to the world of herbalism? Then this class is for you! Learn about basics of herbal remedies, how to grow and identify these plants, good sources for herbs, and wonderful home preparations you can make yourself to provide for your family’s health.


The Herbalist and Dental Therapies


Kate Taluga

Saturday 9 am

As herbalists we are aware of the power of tisanes and other interventions to support the body. But often we’ve been stymied when it comes to our dental health. In this workshop, Kate Taluga offers ideas and recipes for improving the mouth’s health. She will discuss creating relationships with your dental health team, basic care and the commercialism of health products for the mouth and how to cut your costs and the extra chemical components of over the counter products. Participants will have an opportunity to choose from a number of rinses to test and to create their own chew sticks.


Terrific Tincture Making


Chonteau McElvin

Saturday 11 am

Tinctures are one of the most versatile ways to make and use herbal medicines. In this class, you will learn how to make basic tinctures from dried and fresh plant material. You will also learn ways to use your tinctures for health and wellbeing. Lastly you will learn a few folk tincture recipes for common ailments.


Henna for Hair

Saturday Free Thyme

Patricia Stever and Devi Pagan

Times will be posted onsite

Have you ever wondered about coloring your hair naturally without all the harmful chemicals? Learn how to mix and apply henna to your hair. Henna strengthens, protects and corrects damaged hair while promoting fast growth and beautiful color. Learn how to create golden highlights, deep red hibiscus tones, cover greys and even dye your hair black! The natural, safe and organic way.


Herbal Wine Making


Gail Conroy

Sunday 9 am

In this fun workshop, you’ll learn how to prepare for herbal wine making, including collecting equipment, foraging for local plants, berries and fruits, and processing and combining your collections. You’ll learn how to make wines and include nature’s natural medicinal qualities, while bottling wine to preserve your product for long term, no fridge, storage.


Natural Body Care


Rebecca Conroy

Sunday 11 am

Learn how to make personal care items for yourself and your loved ones – basics like shampoo/conditioner and toothpaste to lotions and balms. In the class we’ll make lotion, balm, toothpaste, deodorant and we’ll discuss other body care basics. Making these things yourself from simple ingredients and being free from factory made, highly marketed and packaged “products” full of unknown ingredients is super empowering, economical, and fun.