Florida Herbal Conference | February 28-March 1, 2020
Florida Herbal Conference

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Clinical Herbalism

Pain Relief with Herbs


Thomas Easley

Friday 3 pm

Systemic anti-inflammatories, topical anti-inflammatories, localized acting anti-inflammatories, topical analgesics, hypnotic analgesics and central acting analgesics all play a role in pain relief . Learn how to choose the right herbs to create effective pain relieving formulas!

Saw Palmetto

Iris Evaluation, A Constitutional Approach


Joanna Helms

Friday 5 pm

Learn a practical approach to observing Iris types, and associating them with the individual’s constitutional profile. Begin utilizing this skill to select specific herbal nutritive and herbal tonics for sustaining wellbeing.

Saw Palmetto

Breaking Addictions: Herbal support


Leslie Williams

Saturday 9 am

Herbal and nutritional support can make powerful difference in working with individuals who want to break addictions, and whether it be someone on pain medication for an injury now healed, or alcohol or a variety of other substances, an individual holistic protocol is key. We will discuss categories of chemical addictions and ways of thinking about and discussing the often gradual process of safely shifting away from our addictions. We will also look at tools like charts of timelines for protocols and strategies to approach healing from possible damage. Pharmaceuticals, OTC’s, and street drugs as well as alcohol and tobacco are focus. Nearly all addictions can bring nutritional deficiencies as well, and this is an important part of a plan for recovery.

Live Oak

HPV: Preventative Strategies and Clinical Approaches


Emily Ruff

Saturday 11 am

With increasing rates of infection among women in the United States, HPV cases are commonly seen in herbal clinics and medical practices around the country, at younger and younger ages. Explore preventative strategies to ensure immune defense against the virus, nutritional and herbal protocol to relieve symptoms of the virus, and straight facts to help demystify misperceptions around the illness.

Saw Palmetto

From Stem to Stern: Healing the Gut


Susan Marynowski

Sunday 9 am

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, famously said, “All disease begins in the gut.” We know from our own experience that when the gut is not working, we do not feel well and we do not assimilate the nutrients that are necessary to support a healthy metabolism and immune function. Yet antiacids and laxatives are the longest aisle in the drugstore! This class covers basic gut physiology, what can go wrong in the gut, and some approaches — herbal, nutritional, and slimaceous(!) — for improving gut function.




Rose Kalajian

Sunday 11 am

Inflammation is a major cause/contributing factor to many illnesses and one of our major defenses against disease. We will look at how and why inflammation is beneficial, when it is not beneficial and the problems with anti-inflammatory drugs/herbs aimed at stopping specific steps of this miraculous healing process.