Florida Herbal Conference | February 25-27, 2021
Florida Herbal Conference

2018 Keynote Speakers to join us from Standing Rock!

We are so blessed to announce our 2018 Florida Herbal Conference keynote speakers will be Linda and Luke Black Elk, joining us from the Standing Rock Reservation to share the magic and medicine of the plants. Linda Black Elk (Catawba Nation) is an ethnobotanist specializing in...
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Black Elks hold ground for future generations at Standing Rock

Linda and Luke Black Elk led the Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council to support the water protectors standing in resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline at the Standing Rock reservation. Near the end of the resistance camps, Linda Black Elk was interviewed by Democracy...
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2018 keynote speakers support community gardens

In the northwest corner of the recreation area behind the Sitting Bull College (SBC) Campus in Mobridge, SD, is a lush garden filled with heirloom tomatoes, a wide variety of squash and beans and other vegetables. Where once kickball games were held during recess at Beadle School...
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Conducting Fieldwork in the Shadow of DAPL- Linda Black Elk’s experience

Sitting Bull College instructor Linda Black Elk isn’t the easiest person to get a hold of—and with good reason. As an ethnobotanist who studies the way people use plants for food and medicine, her research interests have led her to become actively involved in the ongoing Dakota...
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[VIDEO] Biodynamics with Deb Soule – keynote speaker for 2017 Conference

This fall, we had a chance to speak with keynote speaker Deb Soule about Biodynamic gardening and its role in herbalism. Check out the video below! Be sure to register by 10/31 at the Early Bird discounted rate.
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