Florida Herbal Conference | February 28-March 1, 2020
Florida Herbal Conference

facilitated by Shannon Alycia

The Affinity Tent offers a sanctuary for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) to come together in a space that is free of the mainstream stereotypes and social stressors that are placed on us daily. This is a safe space for all BIPOC participants who live the experience of marginalization everyday in their own communities and workspaces to be able to speak out and work through their feelings without the burden of being questioned and having to explain to those who do not live this experience. The tent will offer a collaborative altar space, self-guided activities, and an herbal apothecary. Come inside, rest, take a deep breath with us.

The Affinity Tent is not meant to be exclusive to those who want more understanding. BIPOC-only spaces provide safe environments to support one another in embracing who we are, and to work towards healing the open and often very raw wounds caused by our walk through this society within and outside of our work as herbalists. Conference attendees who do not identify as BIPOC can best support us by showing respect and compassion while we create this sacred space for ourselves to courageously do the healing work that has called us together this weekend.

BIPOC are invited to visit the Affinity Tent at the Spirit Circle for daily hours and more information. In addition to self-guided supportive space, the Affinity Tent will host two meet and greets on Friday, immediately following Opening Circle and again at 5:30 pm, to get to know the space, the facilitators and one another. The Affinity Tent will host a Reflections Gathering on Saturday at 4:30 pm, as a time for BIPOC herbalists to come together in support of one another to share and discuss our experiences. We will Listen, Learn and help one another heal.

< div> Affinity Tent facilitators will also host a Unity Roundtable at the Spirit Circle on Sunday at 11 am that is open to all conference participants. You are invited and welcomed to take part in a unique opportunity to learn about the experiences of BIPOC herbalists within our local communities and within mainstream natural medicine. Facilitated by Shannon Alycia and friends, the roundtable will serve as a sacred space to bring curiosity, ask questions, and share honest dialogue in the intention of personal and cultural healing, unity and authentic allyship, justice and liberation.

Learn more about why BIPOC-only spaces are important to the healing of our society and journey towards equity and unity.

A group of students who share an identity are going to relate to each other in ways they can’t with peers who can’t or don’t understand their experience. It’s about safety and, in some cases, about fundamental issues of injustice.

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